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Smart Logistics, What Is AGV?

Smart Logistics, What Is AGV?

Faced with the sweeping global smart wave, the operating modes of all walks of life are changing, and the manufacturing industry in transition is accelerating the pace of its transformation and building an intelligent manufacturing system. At present, in the field of industrial logistics, the use of intelligent,automated packaging manufacturing has become a necessary condition for smart production. Therefore, building a smart logistics system becomes a necessary choice for enterprise innovation.

When it comes to smart logistics systems, you have to say AGV car. AGV is the abbreviation of Automated Guided Vehicle in English, which is an automatic guided transport vehicle. AGV uses the network to transmit control signals. The navigation device knows the surrounding conditions to autonomously plan and adjust the travel path to better handle the loading and unloading of materials.Without the need to install track light fixtures, the flexibility of AGV equipment is maximized, and the high-efficiency, automation, intelligence, and flexibility of the equipment make it widely used in various industries. The application of AGV trolleys in the industry of logistics and transportation has been more than 60 years old. It is the core equipment in the intelligent logistics system to receive orders to automatically transport products to designated locations. But is the company using the mobile handling robot AGV to build a smart logistics system?

Simply replacing the hauler can only be said to be an automated standard handling equipment and cannot be called a smart transfer robot. The real AGV intelligent logistics system, like the logistics expert, should understand the operation of the entire system, be able to direct, feedback and learn error correction, and be flexible in dealing with problems in the application scenarios.

So, AGV car is just middling?

Although AGV as an intelligent transportation device can not represent the entire intelligent logistics system, it is an indispensable role as an important link connecting intelligent production, intelligent factories, and intelligent logistics.

Storage Industry

The earliest place for applying AGV to production was the warehousing industry. The first AGV was applied to a company in South Carolina in the United States in qg777钱柜误乐54 for the automatic handling of goods. AGV automation can be used to improve the safety factor in the handling process, improve handling efficiency, and save production costs.


In the manufacturing industry, the handling of materials on the production line is the main task of AGV. The handling route can be adjusted automatically and promptly according to the changes in the production process, making the production on the production line more convenient and faster. Efficient and flexible material handling increases the flexibility and efficiency of the entire production process.

Automobile Industry

As a large-scale vehicle cargo, handling and parking are quite one rous things. The use of AGV trolleys to carry and park vehicles not only saves on main power use,but also makes better use of time and space to better arrange vehicles and reduce collision and wear.

Express Industry

The rapid development of the express delivery industry prompted it to make certain improvements to the production process and improve its work efficiency. The use of AGV trolleys for express sorting, accurate, efficient and rapid process, greatly saving the use of all aspects of time, promote the automated development of express delivery.

Post Offices, Docks and Other Places

Inlocations where the volume of these cargoes is variable and the distances and processes are constantly changing,  AGV's with automatic adjustment capabilities can use their intelligent, flexible, and automated transport characteristics to efficiently complete the transportation tasks, reducing the use of manpower and lifting the handling efficiency to a new level.

With the rapid development and gradual improvement of the social logistics system, the application scope of AGV will become more and more extensive. At the sametime, AGV technology will also become more and more advanced. The combination of image recognition technology, laser guidance technology, navigation technology and other technologies will promote the development of AGV. What companies really need is an AGV manufacturer with independent technology research and development, and an intelligent logistics system that can embed application scenarios in hardware, software and processes. This will promote the rapid advancement and development of flexible production lines, automated factories, and smart logistics.

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