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How Far Is a True Full-Screen Mobile Phone?

How Far Is a True Full-Screen Mobile Phone?

From the latter half of 2017, the "full-screen mobile phone" has officially entered a period of high eruption, and all mobile phone manufacturers have come up with their own full-screen flagship mobile phones. However, none of them can truly achieve the 100% full screen of ordinary users, in the final analysis, due to technical, cost, and other reasons. So, how far are we from a true full-screen mobile phone?

Talk about "Full Screen"

The full screen is a relatively broad definition of the mobile phone industry's design for ultra-high-screen mobile phones. In terms of literal meaning, the front of the mobile phone is all screens, and the four frame positions are frameless, and the screen ratio is close to 100%. However, due to the limitations of current technology, the industry’s all-display mobile phone is only a mobile phone with a proportion of ultra-high screens, and there is no mobile phone with a 100% frontal screen. The industry’s current full-screen mobile phone refers to ones that have a true screen share (unofficial publicity) of more than 80% and a very narrow border design. So, whether it is called a full-screen, full-view curved screen, or almost full screen, mobile phone manufacturers are looking for a larger proportion of the screen and more stunning visual experience.

Talk about "the Front of Mobile Phones"

As we all know, traditional Android phones have distance sensors, handsets, front cameras, screens, and pre-finger prints from top to bottom. What are the reforms that are now being made on the front of the mobile phone in the “full screen” ?

Picking up the mobile phone, the first thing that catches your eye is definitely the screen. The effect of the screen on the overall screen is mainly on the proportion of the screen and the packaging process. Previously, the mainstream screen ratio was 16:9. Nowadays, in order to increase the screen display area, manufacturers have begun to stretch the screen.

Now turn to the camera. Preposition is indeed indispensable now. Many brands use component sinking solutions, which is directly deleting the upper space of the fuselage, and minimizing the chin by reducing the components and integration in the lower part to reach a higher ratio of the screen. Most manufacturers use are duced component size and still retain their forehead. By the way, talk about the handset and sensor, but the privacy of the call cannot be guaranteed unless the user always wears the headset.

Look at where are our fingers now?Then talk about finger print unlocking. With the popularity of full screen, finger printun locking must make changes. Before, unlocking the front finger print is undoubtedly the most convenient and safest unlocking method. However, it seems that most manufacturers have made compromises.

Is the Mobile Phone Screen Important?

For ordinary users, the impact of mobile phone screens on our use of mobile phones does not seem too great, because if you do not pay attention, you may not experience the difference. But think about it. Sometimes why some mobile phones consume large amounts of power, some mobile phones display bleak colors, some colors are more distinct, and others are color cast. In many cases, problems are actually caused by screens.

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